Way More Than Pee and Poop

My cousin introduced The DLF Galleria, Gurgaon- “People come here for food, shopping and dog socialization”. I was awestruck. Dog Socialization?

I am from a small border district Fazilka. And people at my place take dogs out ONLY TO PEE AND POOP.

Galleria – a fancy little place, perfect for hangouts, with a fountain surrounded by shops on all sides. The shop culture is so diverse that from five to eighty five, people from all walks of life can gather there for one reason or the other. That evening also, it was flooded with people but there was something identical about that crowd; cheerless still faces.

Siberian Husky - The Game Changer

Life in metropolitan is tough - more opportunities and more disappointments. I could sense out a breathing spell until this hero came into picture.

An energetic 4-5 months old Siberian Husky, crazily ran around the fountain grabbing everyone’s attention. His expressions and poses were rewarding him with limelight. He had this fast pulling style with which he hypothetically pulled all dogs and bitches out of their gloomy unknown world. The pets were now charged with happiness and that spark flowed like anything. In no time the Galleria was filled with expanding smiles, hypnotized bitches and some jealous dogs. The Galleria was no more lifeless.

Within moments, the pet owners started interacting – from the breeds to names of those cute devils, from jobs to families and more. The conversation floated. I guess, that is what we call socialization - The activity of mixing socially with others. But what triggered that?

In that two and half hour stay at Galleria, I did not see single human making things conducive for their dogs to socialize. Rather, it was the other way around. Dogs made things better; They paved the way for their owners socialization. Had not that Siberian Husky been there, the air would have been different. And we, the knowledgeable humans thought that we are contributing to 'Dog Socialization'.

Surprisingly, for me, neither people from Fazilka nor Gurgaon knew in real sense what they actually took their dogs out for.