Be Quiet?

There comes a time in life, when you really want to speak because your mind andheart are shouting at you, to pour everything out, because it's important to be empty before we can feel again, before we can start believing in this world again, and it is way too much for us to carry, we can not take that burden anymore. Still, even at that moment, when you actually want to yell at top of your voice, you are bound to do nothing. All you can do is, bury everything right there, just to shut them up and to move on in you life. That's the reason we suffer mentally.

But, why are we suffering in silence? Just because rather than listening, everybody is waiting to judge us. They are waiting to tear us apart with their sharp words and harsh judgement.

Even after knowing that every soul is fighting its own demons, why are we unkind and mean to each other?

Why are we becoming inhuman? Maybe, we forgot all the human emotions and humanity. No one is ready to apprehend what a person might be going through and the battles he may be fighting within.

We are conditioned to be strong and fight like a hero, but no one taught us that a hero too needs rest. Is it mandatory to feel strong all the time? How about when all you want is to be weak? What one should do who feels everything way too much? What one should do to feel nothing at all, at least for a minute or two?

Humans, themselves are the cause of destruction of each other's mental peace. But why? Don't you think people should follow/like or dislike as they please? Is it justified to label them on the basis of their choices or lifestyles? Is it really important to judge them or comment on them? Why can't we accept each other? Even if we don't appreciate few people, why can't we let them be the way they are? Why can't we ignore them and move on to something better? Judging someone or something is easiest of all, acceptance and tolerance is difficult.

Can't we hope for some kindness and acceptance? Is it too much to ask for? Really, too much?