Eyes: The Window To Thoughts

Facial expressions are the give aways of ones feelings be it joy, pain, relief, etc. We can sense out the feelings of others, be it a stranger or a friend, looking upon their face, though few master the art of concealing. I also have tried to conceal my feelings but to vain, I have never been successful. One can easily read out my mind from my facial expressions. Sometimes, it proves to be boon as other person can make out that I am speaking truth from core of my heart. But most of the time, when I have to cut corners, I am actually caught easily.

Those who master the art of concealing, also have give away points but you should be observant enough to notice those flickers. Above this, Eyes play an important role in communication. For expressions ranging from Anger to Lust to Joy, spark in the Eyes can tell you a lot about unsaid words. But if the spark is missing, if you see hollowness in the eyes, it can be a different story altogether.

Syndicate of beggars is prevalent in all major towns; they are known for their professionalism, how they use different techniques to lure people for shedding few dimes, which amount to hefty sum at end of the day. Beggars even use children for their ease. You can easily sense out that you are being plundered of your hard earned money, when the other person begging can easily work and earn daily bread.

My reaction to beggars is always of denial unless someone with some kind of physical disability is out there, begging. I usually prefer giving food to children begging in markets. 

But once I was caught in dilemma, and to date I think about it.

One fine day, I was travelling to office on my usual route and time. Around 9:30 every morning I used to reach at Chandigarh-Shimla highway red light crossing; which is 10 mins drive from my home. It was usual office hour rush and the signal was Red. Timer showed another 50 or 55 secs to get green and I was busy fiddling the controls of FM Radio. Same lady with different child each day in her arms knocked on my car window and signalled me for money to buy food. This was her daily routine and as it was my daily route for office, as usual I ignored her and carried on with radio station I was listening to. 

After about 5 seconds, my attention was caught by an elderly figure, leaning on stick, grey hair falling freely, tote hanging from her shoulder, wearing rugged dirty clothes and having jar for collecting money in her hand, quietly walking, in between the rows of cars waiting for signal to turn green. She didn’t knock on any car’s window or gestured anyone to give her money. She seemed to be in harmony with nature, as if she was satisfied with what she owned. She had an energising glow on her face, one you will never find on wicked faces but her eyes spoke something very different. She seemed to be in deep thoughts of her own, hollowness in her eyes gave away the pain she might have suffered due to her dear ones.

Begging didn't seem to be her business, rather she was out here trying to figure out how to get herself a decent meal. Her eyes and pain in them casted a shadow upon my thoughts which moved from radio to her misery. I was wondering why she was out here, silently walking but not begging from anyone. Maybe, she had her own style, but it seemed the other way around. 

Have you ever observed someone in great misery but having a decent smile or satisfaction on the face. Those are the few people who always accept everything with open heart be it joy or pain, blessing or blow, and are at peace with their soul, their mind, their thoughts. 

I had never experienced this before but the moment she came near my car, something struck inside me and despite of myself being a big critic of beggars, opened my coin box and gave her handful of coins containing denominations of 2, 5 & 10 rupees. She accepted money with a smile, not one of joy but smile that brought her out of pain, thankful smile I would say.

I was in so deep thoughts while giving her money that I lost the track of timer and signal was already green. Honking from other drivers brought me out of it and hastily I moved my car and reached office with thoughts of that old woman.

I never saw her again on that crossing. I have very clear mind with no unwanted thoughts, but till date I think about that woman and her pain, what would have caused her to be on streets begging for her livelihood? Thinking of that moment gave me satisfaction that I have helped someone in need but it also paved way for anxiety; why can’t we discriminate between fake and real? Why are we stuck with physical appearances? 

Eyes can be a pathway to one’s mind or thoughts and if interpreted right can lead to better understanding of a person than their physical appearance.

So, next time you feel something thats out of place feel free to judge it by appearance but never miss the Eyes out.