Mother: The True Blessing

Have you ever sowed a seed and saw it turning into a plant? 

Have you ever started a project from scratch? After getting an idea, planned about it, made blueprints, developed it and fine tuned it for better operational capabilities?

Have you ever experienced ever lasting attachment with something or someone?

If you have experienced that love, that feeling of content, then you can easily co-relate yourself with your mother. How in her thoughts she must have imagined about you, developed you to be the best of all, fine tuned you with her love, anger, denial etc. She always dreamed of bringing out the best version of you.

Her harsh words may not satisfy our ego; ego is useless and her words of wisdom are far more precious; though they may seem bit boring and annoying at that moment. Her love is like a gush of breeze, it soothes our mind and soul; it brings out the child in us. We can shed our masks in front of her, as she is never judgemental. She will adore our flaws, pamper us and will silently start planning to make our life more beautiful and happening.

Mother’s Day - The Day on which most of us recognise the efforts put-in by our beloved mothers. Mother is said to be Avtar of God; God had much to do, so He sent her with the powers to protect her child from evils of society or world. Mother is the heavenly figure present around us physically or in thoughts guiding us, preparing us to face hardships of life. 

Mother’s love is unconditional, its more than love, you are part of her body, she has developed you inside her - feeding you from herself. You are part of her soul. Today you may have your individual identity but you are part of her, by your thoughts, dreams and actions. 

We should thank her for all the efforts she does to make our life worth living. We can never pay her back for this beautiful life, but we can make her feel special not only on this day, but everyday, with our gestures and affection.