Some Walks You Have To Take Alone

My love,

I would have never known the beauty of love and pureness of marriage. I would have never known what spending life with someone and for someone means. I would have never known the feeling of embracing world in arms. I would have never known the feeling of contentment that surrounds you when you are being loved. I would have never known the heart ache that happens while you miss your love.

You’ll be away for six months. Believe me when I say, my world would fall apart. I have seen all my happiness with you. And now when you’ll be away, I don’t know how I’ll manage to smile.

At times I wondered how come you manage everything so well? From loving me unconditionally to correcting me when I’m wrong, from filtering tensions before they reach me to giving me life lessons that are hours long, from managing all my bills and blogs to bearing with me in my periods? You have never left any stone unturned to see me smile.

How would I manage missing you and keep going all by myself? You are leaving so much on my shoulders. The shoulders that have never stood proudly on their own before, that relied on parents then and on you now. You have always taught me to stand proudly and stargaze. Now is the time to justify your expectations. I have to sort out all by myself - give a push to my career as we planned, maintain my blog, manage our home, love my in-laws more than ever, miss you and still live happily!

I know it would be a roller coaster ride. The emotions would drain me every now and then but I would survive. Yes! I will.

I would have never known how strong I am as you were there in all my thicks and thins. But now being strong is the only option. I have no option other than loving and pampering myself because there is no-one around me other than myself who can make me feel the way you did. I never understood the importance of self-love when you lectured me on it. But now I know how important it is.

I know we are just going to be a call away. But things are no way going to be the same. But it’s okay! This is the time for me to shed feathers of dependency and be more empowered, more me. This is the time I can develop acceptance for the thunders and storms as I know you won’t be here to make me feel better. This is the time I can show immense self-love and date myself. This is the time I can learn with all my heart and soul, learn to be determined, learn to be fearless, learn to take risks, learn to learn.

You don’t just worry about me. Just believe in me as you ever do. Your lioness-hearted woman is ready enough for everything, for all the challenges coming on her way, for all the miseries karma would throw upon her and for all the heartache she’ll suffer when you’ll be away. I promise - empowered now, I’ll never retrace my path. I’ll stay firm and determined throughout my life and together we’ll win the world.

P.S - Please bring home sanitary napkins for coming six months before you leave.

Hope to see you soon.

More love and power to you.