10 Take Aways From Movie "Hindi Medium"

A movie full of substance; a movie that probes into our morals and principles as contributors to society; a movie that questions the role of civilised humans in growth of nation; a movie that unfolded the guilt that I held inside knowingly or unknowingly.


Since last three years I was questioning my decision of graduating in a subject that wasn’t meant for me. You may call it stupidity, lack of awareness, lack of counselling or whatever you feel like. You are free to judge. I held the societal pressure accountable for it and left no stone unturned in blaming circumstances and society for the decision I took. But this movie moved me completely. Whatsoever the reason may be, I wasted a seat that any deserving candidate could have taken. It was my negligence that might have forced someone to compromise with his dreams, with his aims and aspirations. It was my mistake that might have made someone stand where I am standing today.

There was much to take away from the movie. I have tried to jot down 10 inspiring messages:

  1. Language is just a medium to express. As long as you are able to communicate, be it verbally or through sign language - it’s okay. The basic function of language is travelling of thoughts, knowledge and feelings. How can it be related to superiority or inferiority of one language over the other?
  2. Reaching heights or staying mere average depends upon child’s calibre. I have seen students of government schools becoming officers and of sophisticated private schools landing into drug addiction. Though I feel that government schools in India are not being taken care of but thats not an unattainable goal.
  3. One should never judge someone by his account balance. The morals and values strengthen with life experiences and one’s upbringing. Truthfulness, selflessness, obedience, care - none originates with money. The person’s individuality is by no means connected to being rich or poor.
  4. You would always come across different routes leading to same destination. Some will for surely be shorter than others. Never underestimate the power of intuition while making choice. Intuition depends upon the norms and values you have been carrying right from your birth. Never betray that power to judge.
  5. Take your time and think before taking decisions. Your decisions make up your actions and wrong deeds done can never be redone. Better make the right choice else the guilt will haunt you.
  6. Running behind something for it’s accomplishment and trying hard is commendable. But when your goals start hurting your morals and values, take a pause. No matter how hard you try, accept it that certain things are not meant for you. Don’t stab your pure soul for satisfying your ego issues.
  7. The talent follows no barrier. Wealth, health, region, religion - no wall can ever confine talent. It’s almighty’s gift to you. It would stay with you, just polish it a bit.
  8. The society functions in unison with both rich and poor. Both have their own functional roles in working of society. Whenever the suppression of the unprivileged by the privileged has taken place, revolutions have occurred. The society shakes oneself to retransform for betterment. An equilibrium is always maintained.
  9. One can never predict where happiness lies. You may not feel contentment in the palace that you may feel in a hut. Being rich is no sure shot path to happiness.
  10. Satisfaction is the key to happy life. Dreams would keep haunting you unless you are satisfied. The one who owns the art of satisfaction; may not need to own any worldly asset.