Why Mourning Behind The Curtains?

The art of choosing words wisely while conveying thoughts is trending. People keep their feelings upto themselves and exhibit what the listener would appreciate. There is minimal clash of viewpoints resulting to more bhai-chaara (brotherhood) thing. Sounds positive but actually it’s not.

I have come across people with wide differences between the words they choose and actions they perform. They speak what the listener would love to listen but when it comes to practicality, their own thoughts and viewpoints influence their actions. Those thoughts are not necessarily good enough for the society to evolve.

I would like to share an instance.

We were invited by a family residing in Patiala for the Lohri function of their newborn daughter. Everyone was so excited that I got to believe that those times have gone when the girl child was undesirable. But recently I saw the family members of one of the families present at the Lohri function crying as hell on birth of a girl in their family. What I feel is - If they had expressed their views regarding the hatred they had for girls at the Lohri function, chances are that someone could have tried to change their viewpoint. But they refrained from speaking something negative. I mean:

  • Do not show love for daughters in public if you have to mourn her birth.
  • Do not call her Lakshmi in public if you have to deprive her of every necessity.
  • Do not condemn social evils like Sati in public if you have to make her prone to fire physically or mentally.
  • Do not preach her as a part of rituals in public if you have to abuse her on all other days.

It’s always better to showcase yourself as a fool for once rather than being fool throughout your life. I also learnt the art of keeping thoughts with oneself but sooner or later I have realised the necessity of expressing oneself and all that you hold within. 

I remember debating with one of my classmates in university regarding the political parties prevalent in our University. I was so damn stubborn about my choice of candidates. I kept arguing with her and she was shooting the counter arguments. At last I won the debate but to my surprise my viewpoint changed; and believe me, it changed for good.

If we ask a group of people sitting together any question, we’ll either end up hearing the same answer from all or they won’t answer back - restricting their views to themselves. If we would not open up, we would end up believing that we are always right. And that is not practically possible.

Speak up people; speak up for collective good and above that your own good.