Black Is Normal

The Delhi Gang Rape, 2012.

Protests against Trump, 2016.

The Farmer Suicides, 2016.

The Manchester Bombing, 2017.

The ever prevalent Racist Attacks….

There are ample of examples of protests against inhumanities but with somewhat same course of action. We, the aware citizens can’t make any difference except for showing our hatred – BY CHANGING DISPLAY PICTURES ON ALL SOCIAL MEDIA BY BLACK BOXES, BY COMING ON STREETS WITH BLACK FLAGS OR BY PAINTING FACES WITH BLACK PAINT. Because we so hate what all goes against humanity around us and it can only be exhibited by the black color. But I don’t get the concept.

What’s the logic behind comparing black with hatred? Why all the odds are expressed by black? What is the base of this judgement? I mean why not pink, yellow, green or blue? Same goes for term darkness! Ask anyone to write on darkness and you’ll get all sorts of miseries, plights, pains and insecurities on paper. Darkness is seen as a catalyst to all of them. And the reason for me is unknown.

Whenever something bad is associated with black or darkness, it drives me insane. How can one protest against discrimination based on color by displaying black boxes as profile pictures? Firstly, it would have no effect upon the authorities. It’s not going to bring any positive changes to the system. Secondly, we are knowingly or unknowingly exhibiting hatred towards the color - BLACK.

Likewise, darkness is also usually linked with depressing thoughts and insecurities. I can’t just make out why? I love darkness. It gives me peace. It gives me the chance to be with oneself, to make future plans and to analyse what all is going around me. For me, darkness is empowering and self-strengthening. The difference actually lies in the way we perceive things.

The complexion of human race varies between black and white; and each one of them is beautiful. How did we conclude that black is inferior to white? It could have been the other way too. But rather than keeping them at par and trying to bring about a change, we keep on repeating through our actions that black stands for something evil.

I have seen people being sympathetic to people having darker tone of complexion – “God gave you this complexion, people must understand that it’s not your fault?” Excuse me! Did god gave us a list of colors arranged according to rankings? From where did this “who’s at fault?” concept came in? For sure, we don’t need such condolences.

Ask the value of black color to the one who is visually impaired. Black is the only color that stays with them when all other colors vanish. And then we have all sorts of double standards. We need white skin but black hair. One white strand among black hair and it seems like life has come to an end. Still we don’t realize the beauty and necessity of all colors. Every color has the ability to add on to the beautification of the world.

Nelson Mandela fought against both - white domination as well as black domination. That’s the vision we need to have. Fight for whatsoever goes wrong but with the changed perspectives. We stand against odds but don’t even try to analyse our actions. One walks and we just follow. A message pops up – change your profile picture to a black box and we, the enlightened souls would do so without giving it a single thought.

To conclude, Yohji Yamamoto has something to say:

Black is modest and arrogant at the same time. Black is lazy and easy – but mysterious. But above all black says this: ‘I don’t bother you – don’t bother me.’