Narcissist she was!

She was a proud twenty-something lady. Quite attractive with wow-inspiring dressing sense and mastery of fabrics and colors. Despite being an atheist, she had more religious knowledge than god-fearing souls like me.  She was PhD in cooking and add on – she was a belly dancer. To sum up, she had much to be proud of.

Being partners in all sins, we knew all minute details of each other’s life. We went everywhere together like the dog and his tail, one manipulating the actions of the other. We talked of all crap from careers to constipation and believed that the second issue was for sure bigger than instability in first one. We discussed everything from my wedding lehnga to the people who should be left uninvited. I felt so connected to her. And guess what? She didn’t attend my wedding. I thought of enquiring the reason for her absence. And the reason was “aewin (no reason)!”

Narcissist she was!.png

Ask me for a word to describe her!

Narcissist she was, a true narcissist.

She has been committed to a guy since last 7 years. I wonder what all he might have done to allure her. Seeking a commitment from such a lost head would have brought him to knees. And making that commitment firm enough is commendable.

We shared the living area for about two and a half years. She was quite career oriented and allowed none to distract her. She had only two things in her wish list – to clear civil services exam and to marry her love. Her thoughts were pretty sorted, unlike his. She was the guiding soul among them. Whatever may be the situations, he always turned to her for advice. Keeping aside all the manly ego, he longed for her counselling. Not because he was incapable of taking decisions but because he trusted her more than oneself.

I usually trolled her by saying that you are the ‘man’ in your relationship and she would laugh out loud and say “What should I do? He is that way.” I have seen women crying because of subordination they face. But she was worried because of his dependency on her. All in all, the cuteness in their relationship was overloaded.

Like all the beautiful couples out there, they never missed the chance to impress each other. He was handsome enough and she was smarter than one can think. I remember she went on coffee dates with him along with handful of books to deliver some lectures side by side. And he always paid back in the form of long-lasting smiles.

Amidst all the books and love pyramids, her coaching ended. She had to head back to her hometown. But nothing changed for them – neither their feelings nor their love; neither her dominance nor his dependency. But the pressure of unemployment started rising. Every day, he would get tense about his career, every day she would make him believe that things would fall in place. She would try to strengthen him and ask him to form an opinion. And he would leave everything for her to decide; after all she was a part of his life, a greater one.

When tensions mounted, she decided to leave things upon him. To let him decide what he wanted from his life. To take a decision that he can’t blame someone for. To sail through the uncertainties to safe sound waters. And he decided. He decided something for himself for the very first time. Also, he decided for her too. He decided to settle abroad; knowing that she can’t wait for so long; knowing that things would end up; may be knowing that she was better at taking decisions.

She paused for a while to ensure if he meant what he said. And she heard him sobbing and understood that the things had changed. The dialogues were delivered. Gathering all the courage that she had within, she asked him with a firm voice, “Will you be okay?”

He has booked his tickets and is about to leave. Needless to say what his answer was.

Everything I stated is true enough but I would proudly take back a word. She is not a NARCISSIST. She is love!