True Story of Light Bringer

Ambalal Chaturbhai Patel - hot blooded young man, dreamer and passionate about life, walked into his friend’s cloth shop, harbour for his personal and professional storms. It was his routine every evening after finishing his work at office. Ambalal worked as clerk in an office, job which helped him monetary, but can’t satisfy needs of his soul. He wanted something to happen constantly; adventure for him was cornerstone of his youthful existence. 

One fine day finally, adventure came his way and he never thought it would last for lifetime.

He met a man called Babubhai Jain, cloth merchant from Madhya Pradesh, who came regularly to Bombay for his trade. Both unaware of their destiny, developed a strong bond from courteous pleasantries. Some kind of spiritual magnetism pulled them together developing a strong friendship between them. They shared their personal problems, marriage of Ambalal to trivial troubles of Babubhai. Overtime friendship developed into a strong relationship. From previous few meetings Ambalal had intuition that something is troubling Babubhai but he not reluctant to open up. 

Next time they met, Ambalal took Babubhai to a restaurant and began questioning him, “What is troubling you?”, “Why are you not opening up to me?” After few volleys of questions, Babubhai started to sob without answering, to which Ambalal became worried, here was his friend, grown up man, strong willed businessman crying like a child. Something must be drastically wrong.

Slowly, Babubhai started to speak, and his words seemed to be very distant to Ambalal, taking him on a journey to a small village in Madhya Pradesh. What he saw was chill as ice, Babubhai standing before a new born child in the lap of his mother. Babubhai told Ambalal about his son, “He is going to die, my first born child, my son”.

Ambalal thought it was some kind of mortal affliction his friend is suffering from, he consoled Babubhai, but to vain. Babubhai again broke up speaking about his son’s fate. “My son born recently is given 7 years of life by the stars, astrologers have refused to draw up his chart”, Babubhai spoke with tears in his eyes. Ambalal have no idea how to console his friend, who was suffering because of astrological mania. “But there exists an alternative”, Babubhai spoke up, with spark in his eyes, “My son will survive if I give him away to some stranger. Not to any blood relative because stars will collide. If after seven years my son survives, they will draw his birth chart but not before. They say he is doomed but if he survives, he will be light bringer to the world.”

“What is your son’s name”, asked Ambalal, “Rajneesh Chandra Mohan,” said boy’s father. “Rajneesh,” muttered Ambalal, looking distant in his own thoughts. He spoke again, “I will adopt your son, I will be his legal father and I am not related to him by blood.” “I think we can defy destiny, let’s give it a try. If the boy survived then it’s good but if he doesn’t, at least we have tried. That will be our consolation.”

Babubhai went home, with some hope that his son may survive, but when he informed this to his wife, she was in denial mode. “Who is this Ambalal? and Bombay, no way our son is not going there, to that distant place.” Babubhai lived in joint family and everybody ganged up against him to which he gave up to their wishes, Rajneesh will stay with his family, even if after 7th year he dies. 

Ambalal was wondering if his friend would be able to convince his family or not; if their ‘secret plan’ still holds or not. Time was running out for little boy, when he was 2 years old, stars struck hard on him. Young child was afflicted with deadly small pox, with dreaded boils all over his body. But fate pulled him through and Rajneesh survived. 

Babubhai began one man crusade at home, pleading everyone that we should give boy away and he will survive, but nobody listened to him. Again Rajneesh was struck with typhoid, but he again survived it. Babubhai intensified his campaign but he got cold shoulders and icy stares from his family. Fate again took U-trun and Rajneesh again got typhoid, more severe than earlier one. To this Babubhai informed everybody about his decision, “If boy survived this attack, he is going to be adopted by Ambalal.” Same was communicated to Ambalal.

Miraculously, Rajneesh survived the attack and upon his recovery from disease, Babubhai packed boy’s bags and took him to Bombay, where legally Ambalal adopted Rajneesh and Babubhai left boy with his new father, to start a new life.

Ambalal Patel took another decision and decided to marry Maniben, girl who was ready to spend her life with adopted son. After their marriage, trio moved in to Juhu fishing village and started a new life. Everybody thought that Rajneesh was Ambalal’s son. 

Ambalal recalls memories of the boy as, “when he came to me, boy was at peace with himself, he has strong eyes, that of a centuries old intelligent human being. He also shares how Rajneesh would not mix up with his age group; he was not a normal child. 

Rajneesh used to have breathing problem as a child but Juhu fishing village did a miracle and slowly he started to develop resistant to disease. He would sit in corner and gaze in distant. His ancient eyes would speak out, he is not a normal child. Rajneesh was loved by couple as their own son and he grew up happily. Had Ambalal not adopted him, child may have died. They were in constant fear that some day something would happen and they will loose the child.

That day came, Rajneesh crossed 7 years mark and Babubhai came to fishing village to take away his son. Child will go to strange village in Madhya Pradesh. Ambalal felt a deep strange sorrow inside him building up. Rajneesh remained his favourite child, though he fathered six other children.

Worldly wisdom and calmness which Rajneesh portrayed at early age came out of him and child in now famously known as ‘Osho’. 

PS: This story was published in Society magazine.