Is It A Detour?

Is it a detour

"It can’t be an end without a start, 

It can’t be a new start without a failure."

     Life is full of opportunities which can be disguised in the form of failures. Failure to do something because of circumstances can be an omen, to guide in the right direction.

"It’s never an end, it’s always a new beginning,

It’s never a failure, it’s always an opportunity to strike back."

     It may be heart wrenching, de-motivating, crushing but it can never be a roadblock, it will always be a detour, which can actually be a simpler path to the destination. Life never stops and so does the journey. Destiny can’t be changed but paths can change, medium of achieving dreams can change.

"Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extra ordinary destiny."

     Dreams are dime a dozen, it's the execution, persistence & courage to bounce back that matters. One can serve humanity by being a doctor as well as social worker; it's the essence of satisfaction at the end of the day that matters, if service is the real motive of being a doctor.

Don't be ashamed of your story, be persistent for your goals, it will inspire others.

Never lose hope. Be prepared for the magic. It is always a detour, if dreams and desires are paramount.