Don't Run for the Debris!

Sometimes, you don’t just realize that you are running behind inaccessible things. You blindly follow the pathways that lead you to nowhere. What you get hold of is the dearth. Still, you manage to find some random damn reason to run for that dearth again.

For all those who can relate, I beg you to stop. Stop at once and analyze what you are doing with oneself. Every morning you start running for debris and every night you sleep with the fossils of your dreams. Why? To again start that search for the debris the next morning. Why not take a pause and have a glance at what all gems you are side-lining in this hustle for nothing?

Yes! You deserve to live the dream you behold in your eyes but you also deserve a chance to change your perspective. Don't let this stubbornness engulf you as a whole. Changes are good at times.